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April 7, 2014

Workflow Analysis Helps to Implement EHR Software

Analysis of workflow makes important modifications in the implementation of your EHR system, either you have already made the choice to implement an EHR solution or to evaluate your needs

Workflow Analysis Helps to Implement EHR Software
Workflow Analysis Helps to Implement EHR Software
The failure of electronic health record software participation into clinician workflow is a barrier to the implementing of EHR systems. To identify this problem, organizations have to analyze their processes of workflow before the implementation of EHR software.
A group of physicians and other medical organizations should use certified Electronic Health Record systems before they work with Medicaid and Medicare, so there would be the financial incentives for conducting the analysis of workflow for determining the best solution of EHR to maximize and to use the advantages which can come with setting up an EHR system.

Workflow Breakdowns

Workflow analysis breaks down the routine tasks and helps you analyze potential problem waste, areas and termination. You presently do not suggest reminders or only offer to patients who demand them, you may find that you are spending time imagining out about whom to contact. Electronic Health Record software can contact patients automatically by an incorporated and digital patient portal.

Professional’s Consultations

The software developer of the EHR system in which you are interested in implementing, can support your organization in defining as the best course of action to take. As in, if this is your specialty practice, your needs for workflow will be different from the needs of family practice.
If your staff has zero or limited exposure to using the EHR software, you will have to arrange some training sessions to switch from the paper-based record system to the digital method.
The more information you know about the performance of your staff, their daily operations and the kind of functionality you need in your EHR system, the more you will be prepared to implement it in your organization. Analysis of workflow is a perfect way to help you get the data you require as you take decisions about the requirements of your EHR system.

Tools and Techniques

Your workflow analysis includes the appliance a set of techniques which address and identify the environmental factors and the information require in the initial stages of implementation and selection of system. These techniques are;
·        Classify the limitations of a procedure
·        Create a common understanding of its causes, results and steps between the stakeholders
·        Examine how the existing procedural functions
·        Recognize from where it can be modernized and improved
·        Develop the use cases which will guide the development, design and support of the new system which automates the process

The information regarding the procedure which is taken by an extensive diversity of tools like; flow charts for the procedures, movement diagrams of workflow and others.

Key Takeout

·        After the performance of a workflow analysis, your organization must have better result from implementing the electronic health record software
·   Get ready to spend resources and time on examining your staff about the performance on a regular basis, the procedures on patients. Your patience will be pleased with improved productivities.
·        Be sure about the consultation which must be with a well-qualified software developer to assure you that you are working with an organization which has an excellent record of track supporting medical organizations which are switching to an EHR solution.
·        Analysis of workflow will show you that which part of your practice will give you advantage the most from the implementation of an EHR system and helping you to take decision from where to emphasis on your efforts.

Capturing of Data

If the main goal of workflow analysis is the designing of improved and new processes which optimizes the workflow by carrying the correct information at the suitable point, then the capturing of data is a major consideration. It also offerings the highest risk of the process and system which not working as wanted or the point of highest user dissatisfaction.

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