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April 14, 2014

EHR System is More Secure than a Paper Based Record System

The switch to the electronic health record software is a complete change for most of the medical organizations; it is more secure than the records on paper.

EHR System is More Secure than a Paper Based Record System
EHR System is More Secure than a Paper Based Record System
If the medical organization is being the barrier about the switch from paper based records to electronic health records, you might think that the paper based records suggest you better security for your patients. However, usage of EHR system allows you better control of the security of medical information. There are some reasons that why electronic health records software is much more secure than the paper based records software.

Access Grant to the Authorized Users

When the physician uses a paper based record system for the medical records of the patients, it is possible for an unauthorized person to access this medical information without knowledge of anyone. Anyone can misuse of these medical information easily.
With an EHR system, it is easy to secure the information of patients easily. As it is digital, it would not be easy for anyone or unauthorized person to use the information without permission of the physician.

Encryption, the way to Secure Information

A paper based record system is easy to access, anyone can see it, record of details, copy, scan or even fax the information to a third party. The Electronic health record system can be secured with the encryption methods to keep the patient information safe to get interfere with anyone.
Your organization must have to do anything which is possible to meet the term with privacy regulations like HIPAA, and electronic health records software makes it easier to keep the privacy over paper records.

Paper Based Records System Subject to Interfering

Paper records can be changed in a manner that can be difficult to notice. Anyone can remove papers from a report. As far as EHR is concerned, Electronic health records are safe with encryption plus the strong login and password systems which make it more difficult for anyone to make unauthorized alterations to the patient chart and information.

Trials of Audit

Electronic health record software provides improved security to the medical organizations because they allow you to do audit trails. Generally, there is no guaranteed procedure for doing the trials for audits of paper based records.
With the help of an EHR system, you can determine quickly which people have accessed a record of the patient, and whether the access is authorized. The event that somebody accesses the information which they should not be seen, an audit will shine light on the situation, dissimilar to the paper records, which can be too problematic to control.

What Disasters Leave for Data Backup

Keeping the record of your patient secure is more than controlling the access to the confidential information. You need to make sure that the data will be available under the scenarios of a worst case.
As you can see that the switching over to electronic health records system will provide more security and safety for your organization for the confidential data of your patient. EHR software also offers you a number of other benefits, plus the efficiency of increased staff and decreased errors while helping you become more profitable.

Key Points:

·        Electronic health records make you enable to provide only authorized personnel access to the patient data
·        Strong encryption protocols assured that confidential information about patient remains safe.
·        Paper based records system creates a number of safety risks and it can be problematic to notice when they have been interfered with.
Electronic health records make your patient data in secure backups can be maintained, empowering your organization to rapidly improve after a disaster of data.

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