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April 29, 2014

Prevention from Medical Errors

Medical errors are one of the main reasons leading to the injury or death.

Prevention from Medical Errors
Prevention from Medical Errors
Errors in the medications or in medical issues can be happened anywhere in the health care industry. It can be in hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, medical offices, pharmacies and in the home of patients. Errors might be involved with the medicines, diagnosis, surgery, equipment or medical reports of the labs etc.
It has been researched that one in every seven patients, has experienced the medical error. Mostly errors are the result of the problems created by the difficult health care system. But errors may also be happening when the physicians and patients have the communication problem.

Happening of the Medical Errors

Medical errors can be happened because of any reason. The most common reasons of the medical errors include;
·        Communication breaks between the health care providers
·        Communication breaks between the physicians and their patients
·        Medical abbreviations and similar sound medicines name
·        Confusing directions of medicines or unreadable prescriptions

Now here the question arises that how can we get rid out of these medical errors? The best technique by which you can help yourself to prevent from medical errors is to be an active member of your health care team. This means to take part in every type of decision about your health. It has been researched that patients who are involved with their care, lean towards getting better results. You must be careful about some basic knowledge of your treatment to stay away from medical errors.

Information about your Medicine

This is the essential point for you to have knowledge about your medicine. You must know about the prescriptions, dietary supplements and medicines given your physician. Secondly, you must also know about the side effects and about the medicine allergies you are taking.

1.     Medication History
Be sure that your physician knows about your medical history. This would help you to get safe from the medicine which might be harmful for you.

2.     About the Medicine
This is most important to get knowledge about your medicine. Before leaving your physician, you must know about your medicine you have prescribed by the physician. The dosage, timings, quantity, everything must be discussed with your physician.

3.     Treatment Plans
This includes the knowledge about your new medicines, next appointments, etc. Getting of clear instructions may be helpful for you to prevent from an unexpected trip to the hospital.

Safer Health Care

Proper safety of patients is one of the most important concerned of the health care industry. Following is the fact sheet given to help you to keep your patients safe and away from medical errors.

About Doubts and Concerns

This is most important to select the doctor with whom you feel comfortable to talk. After selecting the physician, make sure that you have asked every type of question which is confusing you about your health.

Keep your Medication List

This is also important to give the list of medicines you are taking to your physician or pharmacist, either it is prescribed or not. Secondly, inform your physician whether you have any kind of drug allergy. Get information also about the side effects of the medicine. To keep you on the safe side, read all the instructions given on the medicine label including warnings. Make yourself assure that you have bought the same medicine which is your physician has prescribed you.

Results of your Medical Tests

Ask about the results of your medical tests or processes. Ask your physician about your medical results, and whether they are affecting of you. Be sure that you have received your results and they are updated.

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